The First Slovenian Satellite

Tiskana vezja LUZNAR d.o.o. supplies printed circuit boards to SkyLabs for the project of building the first Slovenian satellite, which is expected to be launched into space in the near future.

In cooperation with the University of Maribor, specifically with the Laboratory for Electronic and Information Systems, SkyLabs is developing the first Slovenian satellite called TRISAT, which will be launched into low Earth orbit in 2019. We have developed all the key subsystems of the TRISAT satellite, including the main on-board computer, the command, telemetry and communication module and an additional communication module, providing fast data transmission to the Earth station, a power distribution module, a miniaturized multispectral SWIR imager for Earth observation, as well as the entire satellite structure, antennas, etc. The main objective of the TRISAT satellite mission is to provide a technological demonstration of many new technologies used to increase the level of robustness of the system when using COTS components, which we have been successfully implementing into commercial and scientific satellites.

Our company has been working together with Luznar d.o.o. for a number of years, during which they have helped us build and assemble high-quality printed circuit boards. Aerospace applications are considered as some of the most demanding applications. For this reason, all equipment supplied is qualified under extreme conditions that even go beyond the “New Space” requirements. The subsystems, manufactured by Luznar d.o.o., have successfully passed all the qualification tests. Based on this, the company Luznar d.o.o. was selected as a reliable supplier of final subsystems for the TRISAT satellite.